Victorian light switch plates
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Switch your switch plates!!
Victorian light switch plates are an easy way to really spruce things up! 
Take a moment, unscrew your old  plates, and attach the new. Everyone
knows you're a stickler for details, and your collection of switch plates just confirms the fact!
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Etched copper rose or tree motif

The Northwest collection

heavy duty cast bronze


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Victorian light switch plates

These are sure to be an asset to your home decor. You really have a way to spruce things up at the tip of your fingers with our wonderful selection. The etched copper rose, tree and especially the art nouveau motif  are stunning and almost like little works of art upon your wall. The Northwest collection has some of the most beautiful metals that you are likely to set your eyes upon. The hand hammering is exquisite and looks, oh so vintage! The rich antique copper in the Ridgefield Breeze plate complements any copper that you might have in your home. If you are looking for a shiny bright copper then you need to see the Fernhill style. One of the most impressive things about this collection, just in case the beautiful metals weren't enough, is that all of the these are an ultra thick 48 ounce per square foot metal and are hammered by a real artisan - not stamped on a machine. They also come in a smooth finish, and get this, one even comes with 24 karat gold plating.

We have many different configurations available. Any combination of toggle switches, duplex outlets, pushbutton light switches can be made onto a single plate. Sometimes that's not such an easy task. Don't forget that we also have decoras, toggles, multiple toggles, outlets, and also cable outlet pieces. One of the more popular metals of late is brushed nickel. We carry these in a shiny nickel variation also . They are really very attractive in a bathroom or the kitchen and give a very cool, clean look.  The warmer tones of coppers and brasses look very appealing in a family room or living room with a crackling fire. Imagine their ambiance when the holiday season comes around.

Whether you are looking for something to spice things up a bit, or you want a look that is purely a classic, we can help you out. These are that little something extra that adds a lot and with so many different styles to choose from you shouldn't have a problem finding one that is just right for your home decor. While your at it, don't forget to check out our wonderful selection of lights.