Victorian rugs
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Heir-looms for tomorrow
An elegant Victorian rug is a treasure today and a treasure for tomorrow. 
Investing in a quality rug will bring years of enjoyment for your family and friends, 
while adorning other elements of your perfectly painted lady! 
You will feel at home and like a guest in your own residence 
with these stunning carpets. our phone: 509-535-5098

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Victorian rugs

Victorian rugs are an essential design element when it comes to decorating your Victorian home. A Victorian rug can be the starting point for your entire home. A Victorian rug can be the focal point of a room and will demand attention when people enter. They will surely ask where you got your Victorian rug from. The entire feel of a room, or take it a step further, and entire home, can hinge upon the look of a Victorian rug! They really are that important. 

The floral designs are enchanting. They look like they came right out of a long forgotten era. Imagine a cozy parlor with a lovely flower-patterned rug and a few friends sipping tea. What a vision of loveliness. The irresistible shades of wools and dyes a feast for the eye. Conceived with the past in mind, the workmanship has the same high level quality as originals from a bygone era. Some rugs are constructed of heavenly 100% New Zealand or Tibetan Himalayan wools and silks are are painstakingly assembled into a wonderful heirloom for the future. It could be serendipity that these rugs end up in your home. We have a few polyester blends for high traffic or commercial uses, but for the most part the carpets are all wools.

Make your home memorable to friends and family with another popular theme, which was of a botanical nature. Including gardens and beautiful floral patterns in a gorgeous array of tones portraying quaint gardens of yesteryear. Certain designs are inspired by antique fabrics. They include exquisite detailing and are a labor of love. Your home will become a vision of loveliness from some of the designs depicting classic stunning floral bouquets. Envision how they might look on your hardwood floors?  Some designs of the Victorian era had an almost medieval inspired stylized design flavor to them. Just imagine how quaint and romantic something of this nature would look in your parlor.  The rich hues and tones of the dense pile and intricate hand work creates a three dimensional design in the center of some of the carpets. Taken from 18th century French drawings they will certainly become a focal point of the room. 

Look through our designs and find exciting ways to infuse your home with warmth and elegance.  Some designs are of a very romantic nature, while others as more classic and refined in design. Many are very simple in design while other are very ornate in pattern. Why not let your inner Victoriana style show through and let it begin from the floor up with a beautiful classic Victorian style rug.