Victorian stencils
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If you're prehensile you can learn how to stencil!... is not so difficult to end up with good results. Especially with these stunning Victorian stencil designs! Our phone: 509-535-5098

Victorian stencils collection one

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Victorian stencils

Victorian stencils are an inexpensive way to add a whole lot of charm to your home without spending an arm and a leg. Victorian stencils appeared in many fine homes of the era. A Victorian stencil could be found applied in a grand mansion to a simple cottage in the time period. A Victorian stencil is the perfect start to a remodel job. It just take a minimal amount of time to put up a Victorian stencil. The hard part is deciding which Victorian stencil to apply to your wall. But don't limit yourself to one Victorian stencil, after all, you home has many rooms.

Does anyone remember entering a Victorian home that was turned into a rental in the nineteen seventies? The walls might have been painted a pepto bismol pink, or perhaps a lovely shade of pea green. Maybe Hendrix posters were on the walls or possibly an R. Crumb print? This was the type of painting projects that often reared their ugly heads during that time period. Well it ain't the seventies anymore. The time has come to refurbish those hideous improvements of the time and get back to the original splendor of the grand dames! Grab your stencil brush and go room by room to easy and fun improvements without spending a bundle. If their is one way to make the value of your home improve without spending much, this is the ticket. Now the hard part is just deciding which one to use! A lot of the stencil motifs incorporate a flower theme. The Victorian's loved their gardens, and often had wicker baskets filled with fresh or dried flowers gracing a room. Or a lovely fresh cut bouquet blessed a room with it presence. The stencil work could be the icing on the cake and add so much to a room. Especially in the bleak time of winter when flower gardens were dormant in producing bouquets for the interiors of a home.

If florals aren't what you a looking for in a particular room, be sure and check in the second collection of stencils in our series. The Corona stencil and the como run have some lovely lines to them, being both of a curvature nature and/or straight in lineage. Almost fret like in design. One of the most wonderful things about stenciling is that it is a look that you have created all your own. From choosing the design and colors to deciding where it will go, you are being of a creative nature, just like they were during the Victorian Era. Enjoying the complements that you receive for a job well done is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment also. Much more economical that wall papering, it can add just as much panache to a room. So get started on this fun and rewarding project today.