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Victorian decor and furnishings

Victorian style homes are probably the most romantic style of homes that exist. The resurgence in the Victorian home style is making a strong appearance of late. The comeback of the popular magazine shows that the demand for Victorian decor is on the rise. The attractiveness of Victorian home design was ornate and had embellishments throughout the interior and exterior of the residence. One mindset of the Victorian Era, was that the more you had the better! Victorian style homes manifested an explosion of intricate forms and creative options for the homeowner that had not been seen before. Homes prior to this style were box-like in appearance with balanced lines and minimal colors. The architects and designers of the day become known for using elaborate designs with confident features and bold colors. Opulence reined! 

There were many varieties of Victorian style homes during the era. One of the most popular designs and most easily recognizable, was the Queen Anne style. Extremely popular from the late 1870's to the beginning of the 1900;s, The Queen Anne style had multiple steep roofs and porches with decorative gables. Turrets or circular towers and graciously ornamented windows with elaborate entry doors added to the eye catching curb appeal of these beautiful residences. San Francisco, among other cities, is home to a plethora of homes often referred to as Painted Ladies. They most often used between three and five  paint colors to embellish or enhance the architectural details of the home. Many of our hardware items, especially the door hardware, would fit in perfectly with the Queen Anne or painted lady style of home. Gothic Revival styles reflect a resurrection of a medieval form of Victorian styling. The classic romantic styling is reminiscent of a fairy tale. 

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a high style Eastlake, Italianate, or Queen Anne style house you'll want to keep an eye on the exterior wood trim. Many of the gingerbread items have a tendency to work loose over time so you'll want to make sure that you are not opening the door to water infiltration and wood rot with the associated paint failure. It can practically be a full time job to stay on top of the maintenance of wood columns.

As you may know, decor in the Victorian Era had a liberal flair to it!  Many different forms could be mixed together, forming an appealing blend that looks put together. When looking through these pages, mix and match your styles and be sure  and keep an open minded point of view while decorating your premises. So many things look so wonderful together, it could be a little difficult to decide which way to go. The gorgeous heat registers, paired with different hardware, perhaps some lovely house numbers in with the mix, and you are well on your way to creating a personal style all your own. Have some fun with it. If you are a purist of sort, you will definitely not want to miss our magnificent selection of wicker. It looks as if it could have stepped out of the Victorian era itself. The screen door selection makes you feel as if you have stepped through the doors directly into the past. The ultimate frosting on the cake could be the selection of door knobs we have to choose from. Ornate back plates with elaborate knobs in a bevy of finishes and styles are a pleasure to behold. Many of the items to peruse are a fun indulgence to take pleasure in. For instance, the calming effect of viewing a kaleidoscope is a long forgotten delight of the past. The tear bottles are a charming and heartwarming gift for yourself or a dear someone close to you, that will be treasured for years to come.